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Owned Content: Lead Gen Vs. Organic Visibility - Sew

Opening the forum to search engines and user-generated participation means that you have potentially released hundreds if not thousands of pages to search engines all containing topics that people are searching the Web for anyway. Situation reknova.de 3: You provide a lot of content to site users through form submission and then upon submission provide the content in a PDF download. Solution: These PDFs are held in the arms of lead-gen greediness and in many cases the PDF folder is also provided for search crawler exclusion in the robots.txt file. Remove this exclusion and let the content be found by search engines. Yes, again, people will get free information, but provide a "like what you see" link on the PDF so that users can traverse back to the content type category page on the site so they can find other related contentand fill out a lead form. Meeting in the Middle What you can see with the aforementioned situations and solutions above is that both the sales team and the online marketing team can live in harmony. While you will lose some initial lead opportunities, you are opening the gates of search visibility to generate much more exposure and in-roads for many more users to find your content.

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